July 27, 2016

Using a Contest as Linkbait

I’ve had several people write about the new Blogtown Press launch contest Link to a Coconut Contest, with regards to linkbaiting.

I think mine is unique because I’m giving away something so unique, a coconut! Who would’ve thought of that? It’s interesting and I’ve always wanted get a coconut in the mail. My girlfriend (at the time) fiance now, once bought me a coconut from Hawaii that sits in my parents basement, I requested it be sent to me when she went as senior in college on a tennis trip for The Michigan Wolverines, but she finally found it at the end of the trip and was unable to send it. Oh well. But the coconut is what I’ve wanted so now I’m sending it away, and requesting pictures of jubilation in exchange.

However, I’ll get links in exchange for the contest which really is the reason for the contest, but I’ve always wanted that darn coconut and hopefully will get some pictures from some excited people.

Another contest idea that I’ve had to generate buzz about the network is to give away an Apple IPOD, maybe a couple of iPOD shuffles in some sort of RSS contest that was suggested by another person, who once I digg through my emails I’ll gladly give a nice link to. But it looks like I’ve been beaten to the punch. It turns out the marketing pilgrim, who I must admit I haven’t ever been to their blog, but has started a contest which they’ll be giving away an iPOD to a certain RSS subscriber. What a great idea!

I may still get around to that as owner of Blogtown Press, so be excited about another contest. I love giving stuff away, I love buying things for people and I love thought of getting some sweet pictures from some super psyched people.


  1. As a Waianae Coast gal I don’t really need a coconut, but I’ve enjoyed scrambling around your place to look for them anyway. And your contest is doing what you wanted it to do, because I found you through a blog post by my friend TW at http://ramblewoman.blogspot.com/2006/12/i-found-coconut.html

    How funny is it that a friend in Florida told me about a guy next door! :0) Nice place you’ve got here. Much to see!

  2. webmaster says:


    It’s been a fun contest to run and the Blog Network has been a blast to start and keep going!

    There are a growing number of bloggers out here in hawaii, although still few, it’s great to see more bloggers coming around and hopefully they’ll stick around.


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