July 26, 2016

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Keeping Content Fresh

One thing that every web publisher must do is keep content fresh. If you’re a part-time blogger, that can be hard to do. Someone with little time to blog needs to get posts up and can have a tendency to post repeated content. This makes for a boring blog.

Having a boring blog means readers won’t come back. Tell them the same thing over and over again and they’ll be gone.

Instead, look back at the content you’ve recently posted and make sure that you’re changing things up. Make sure that you’re making an effort to keep your content fresh. This may mean having to come up with new ideas for posts, well tough. If you want readers to stick around, you need to be fresh.

Some quick tips to help you do this as a part-time blogger are the following:

  • Keep a running list of post ideas handy, possibly on a draft gmail email that you can open quickly and type in your latest idea, run through the list and organize the list so the content doesn’t repeat too often
  • Reread your post titles every few weeks and look for patterns of repeats. You may get in a groove that could hurt your audience
  • Skim other popular blogs. Popular blogs repeat content but they’ll make sure to either tie those repeats together, or they’ll space them out.
  • Don’t post repeats just to post. Sometimes posting nothing can be the best thing for your blog.

Use these little tips to help keep your readers engaged in your content and coming back wanting more.

Looking for a Website Designer in Wisconsin?

Stuck on your website design? Live in the the midwest? Are you looking for a Wisconsin website designer?

Well I was looking for a good design for my recently re-released blog, Aloha Update, and stumbled upon one in the oddest of places. My own family. You don’t need to live in Wisconsin, or even the midwest to hire him, look at me, I’m in Hawaii, did all communication via phone and email, and the site cam out great. So good I’m going to use a spin off of the design from my whole network.

The good thing about his designing is that not only is he artistically inclined, he also has the coding down and can make your new website design whirl. Do pretty much whatever you want.

So if you need new design for your space on the internet check him out.